Saturday, October 29, 2011


In they filed, all attitude; boredom written all over their young faces.  Five girls and two boys.  A snowy morning in October and they're stuck in a Sunday School classroom instead  of  being cozy at home in their pajamas.  Two church ladies waiting for them with two toilet plungers stuck in plaster of Paris.  No beginning could have been less exciting.  Breaking the ice took some doing.  Talk of color wheels or elements of floral design was not even considered.  Hands-on would be more like it.  "Volunteers" selected, ideas shared, a great plopping accident - broken oasis ball - a very good example of "be prepared because stuff will happen".  Hot glue guns, Spanish moss, coiled moss converting the plungers into something like nests... Uhm... maybe this isn't so bad after all...  One of the comments:  "We have flowers in church every Sunday?  I never noticed".      
Less than two hours later this group had created two magnificent arrangements to decorate the Sanctuary where they were confirmed on Sunday.  They were so proud of their achievement!  They accomplished this with very little guidance from the "church ladies". 

What never ceases to fascinate me is how the boys, who are always so reluctant to get involved with flowers, are the ones who really become serious about it. 

I have a feeling that from now on these young men and women will notice the flowers in the Sanctuary. 

Soli Deo Gloria


  1. Inspired!

    How beautiful they turned out!

    You're not your typical 'church lady'.




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